Budget Planner

Budget planner - hints and tips


There is a lot of information in this site, so if you come across a question and want to know more check to see if it is underlined, like this. If it is, you can click on the underlined word and you can find out more. This is called a 'hyperlink'.

Question Marks

In some places on the budgeting tool you can click on the ? sign to find out more about what the question is asking for.


In some places on the budgeting tool you can click on the v sign to see detailed budgeting options.

How do I access the budgeting tool?

The budgeting tool is accessed via a browser so all you need to gain access is an internet connection.

Why should I use the budgeting tool?

You can use this budgeting tool to work out how much money you have coming in and what you're spending it on.

What information will you need to complete your budget?

Before you start it will be helpful to have the following information:

  • Details of all your income, e.g. state pension, occupational pension, disability allowance, attendance allowance, other state benefits and any earnings.
  • Details of your outgoings e.g. do you pay rent or mortgage?, details of your utility bills (including gas, electricity, phone, internet)

If you don’t have the exact information that you need, it is possible to complete the process using estimations, but please be aware that the budget may not be correct for you.